Faculty & Staff

Din-Pow Ma

Discipline: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Specialty: Cotton Molecular Biology
Email: dm1@ra.msstate.edu
Phone: (662) 325-2640
Office Location: Dorman Hall, Room 402

Mailing Address
Box 9655
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Physical Address
32 Creelman St
Mississippi State, MS 39762


  • Ph.D., Kent State University

Courses Taught

  • BCH 4804/6804 - Molecular Biology Methods
  • BCH 8101 - Seminar

Research Interests

  • Molecular biology
  • Gene organization and expression of the mitochondrial genome in plants
  • Expression and regulation of cotton fiber genes
  • Mitochondrial tRNAs

Recent Publications

  • Miao, Q., P. Deng, S. Saha, J. N. Jenkins, C.-Y. Hsu, I. Y. Abdurakhmonov, Z. T. Buriev, A. Pepper, D.-P. Ma. 2017. Genome-wide identification and characterization of microRNAs differentially expressed in fibers in a cotton phytochrome A1 RNAi line. PLoS One. no 6, 12: e0179381. Download
  • Gao, W., S. Saha, D. Ma, Y. Guo, J.N. Jenkins, D.M. Stelly. 2012. A cotton fiber associated cyclin-dependent kinase A gene: characterization and chromosomal location. International Journal of Plant Genomics Article ID 613812:1-10. Download
  • Ho, M., S. Saha, J.N. Jenkins, D. Ma. 2010. Characterization and promoter analysis of a cotton RING-type ubiquitin ligase (E3) gene. Molecular Biotechnology 46(2):140-148. Download
  • An, C., S. Saha, J.N. Jenkins, D. Ma, B.E. Scheffler, R.J. Kohel, J.Z. Yu, D.M. Stelly. 2008. Cotton (Gossypium spp.) R2R3-MYB transcription factors SNP identification, phylogenomic characterization, chromosome localization, and linkage mapping. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 116(7):1015-1026. Download
  • Dong, G., D. Ma, J. Li. 2008. The histone methyltransferase SDG8 regulates shoot branching in Arabidopsis. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol. 373:659-644. Download