Faculty & Staff

Scott T. Willard

Associate Dean, CALS
Discipline: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Specialty: Reproductive Physiology
Email: swillard@cals.msstate.edu
Phone: (662) 325-0233
Office Location: 201F Bost Extension Center

Mailing Address
Box 9760
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Physical Address
201F Bost Extension Center
Mississippi State, MS 39762


  • Ph.D., Texas A&M University

Courses Taught

  • BCH 1001 Intro to Biochemistry

Research Interests

  • Reproductive physiology
  • Environmental physiology
  • Homeostatic regulation and physiological stress
  • Biophotonics and thermal imaging

Recent Publications

  • Feugang, J.M., R.C. Youngblood, S.T. Willard, P.L. Ryan. 2013. Potential use of conjugated quantum dot nanoparticles for bio-labeling of mammalian gametes. Journal of Reproduction and Development, 26:1:187. Download
  • Sanchez, H.L., R.C. Vann, R.C. Youngblood, E. Baravik-Munsell, D.L. Christiansen, S.T. Willard, and P.L. Ryan. 2013. Evaluation of pulsatility index and diameter of the jugular vein and superficial body temperature as physiological indices of temperament in weaned beef calves: Relationship with serum cortisol concentrations, rectal temperature, and sex. Livestock Science 151(2-3):228–237. Download
  • Feugang, J.M., R.C. Youngblood, J. Greene, A. Fahad, W. Monroe, S.T. Willard, P.L. Ryan. 2012. Application of quantum dot nanoparticles for potential non-invasive bio-imaging of mammalian spermatozoa. Journal of Nanobiotechnology 10:45. Download
  • Feugang, J.M., S.T. Willard, P.L. Ryan. 2012. Manipulation of mammalian gametes and embryos: What are we learning from animal settings. Journal of Fertilization: In Vitro 2:e114. Download
  • Williams, C., S.T. Willard, A. Kouba, D.L. Sparks, W.E. Holmes, J.F. Falcone, C.H. Williams, A.E. Brown. 2012. Dietary Shifts Affect the Gastronintestinal Microflora of the Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca). Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition. Download